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Vision Therapy

Constantly continuing new treatment options. Vision therapy at the San Diego Center for Vision Care.¬†Never give up!¬† A Neuro Optometrist can diagnose vision issues after a concussion. This is sometimes overlooked and can be the cause of many symptoms. The Concussion Project has a Vision Help Initiative regarding concussion, to learn how to recover from…
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Stronger Together

You heard from our kids on the last two posts and here is our story of the journey through concussion. We are two friends connected through concussions our kids suffered. We each have our own yet very similar story. Ariana's mom is on the right, Ethan's mom is on the left.
ER, urgent care, doctor after doctor, specialty after specialty, tests after tests, all the while watching your child's endless suffering, sleepless nights filled with online searches for answers and helpful therapies, pleas to doctors for help, unanswered questions, meds that don't work and homeopathic remedies that do, alternative therapies, ... The list goes on for a caretaker. As moms we give love, comfort, and empathy to the one we love and care for so much. We helped each other in this journey by telling and understanding our experiences. We now want to extend our help to anyone else who is touched by post-concussion syndrome.
We are Stronger Together!

Everything Changed

On September 28, 2016 I thought it was a regular day just like no other. I went to school then to cheerleading practice. I was the base in my stunt group so I held another girl up over my head. During practice her foot slipped and she fell on my head. My mind went blank, everything I heard was muted, my vision went black, and I didn't understand what was happening. I thought everything was fine. I was dizzy beyond measure, the only thing I could think to do was to sit down, and I did. After I could see and hear again normally I returned to practice and didn't tell anyone what had happened due to the fear they the coaches would take me out of the routine. I went home feeling foggy and still aware of the underlying situation. I was unable to do my homework and I couldn't process anything that was happening around me but still I didn't tell anyone. I returned to school the next day, took an AP test, went through my day, and forced myself to go to cheer practice again. After practice I started walking to my car, but felt like nothing around me, or my thoughts were processing. I was in a deep fog. I went home and tried to study for three tests I had the next day and it look me two hours to complete one math problem. This is when I finally told my mom. The next day I was diagnosed with a concussion and the other symptoms started presenting themselves. My headaches caused excruciating pain. I ended up taking about 15 pills a day to calm my symptoms but nothing stopped them. I missed almost three months of school, had to drop most of my classes, and was forced to stop all extra curricular activities. I was later diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. I am not the person I was before, I am unable to do the things I used to, and I still have symptoms. If you or someone you know is suffering from a brain injury don't push them to get better allow time. Speak up and tell something if you suspect an injury don't hesitate.

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