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Stronger Together

You heard from our kids on the last two posts and here is our story of the journey through concussion. We are two friends connected through concussions our kids suffered. We each have our own yet very similar story. Ariana's mom is on the right, Ethan's mom is on the left.
ER, urgent care, doctor after doctor, specialty after specialty, tests after tests, all the while watching your child's endless suffering, sleepless nights filled with online searches for answers and helpful therapies, pleas to doctors for help, unanswered questions, meds that don't work and homeopathic remedies that do, alternative therapies, ... The list goes on for a caretaker. As moms we give love, comfort, and empathy to the one we love and care for so much. We helped each other in this journey by telling and understanding our experiences. We now want to extend our help to anyone else who is touched by post-concussion syndrome.
We are Stronger Together!

Strongest People

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about. Don't underestimate yourself because you may not seem physically strong to others, or you see others as stronger than you. You are strong, you have fought and are fighting one of the hardest battles almost no one can understand. You fought a battle invisible to others. You are a fighter.