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register - Golden Rishi Qigong and Tai Chi

One time opportunity!
Golden Rishi Meditation & Qi Gong
September 2019 Workshop in San Diego
4683 Mercury St, Suite H, San Diego, CA 92111

Master Byung Ju Choi founded the International Golden Rishi Meditation and Qi Gong Society in 1991. Choi’s program and methods are focused on how humans can and should work with nature for optimal ... See more

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Recovering From TBI

After a brain injury, we learn to be guarded and cautious about what we discuss with others. This article reviews why it's helpful to find support groups where we can be real. I especially like the ... See more

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Today is our monthly Thursday workshop! Co-founder and recent high school graduate Ariana Khayamian is going to be discussing how post concussion syndrome affects social life throughout high school, ... See more

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Are you looking for help after suffering a concussion that doesn't seem to heal?
Beyond Concussion offers support & resources for concussed kids, teens, and adults.
We are here to help the concussion ... See more

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Is there something that immediately puts a big smile on your face? A memory, an activity, a hobby, a place, or person? For me it is salt water. Just being out on the water fills my heart with joy. ... See more

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Did you know that Beyond Concussion offers FREE peer to peer support group meetings. The Thursday Workshop is a perfect first time visit to get a feel for what Beyond Concussion does, and to meet ... See more

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Home - San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

Shoutout to the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation! They generously support Beyond Concussion since its beginning by offering their office space as a meeting place for one of our meetings. EVERY last ... See more

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Doctor Rachel Hamel’s presentation on craniopathy for a Beyond Concussion workshop! You can find more information on her website.

1 month ago

Dr. Rachel Hamel giving a great presentation on Craniopathy at our Beyond concussion
Workshop! You can visit her website for more information

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Beyond Concussion Workshop: TONIGHT!
The Beyond Concussion Workshop invites Dr. Rachel Hamel. She will discuss Craniopathy and its role in post concussion care.
5230 Carroll Canyon Rd
San ... See more

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