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Beyond Concussion Insider - No Meeting Tonight! -

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November 14th
7 to 8pm
San Diego Chiropractic Neurology
5230 Carroll Canyon Rd., Ste 108
San Diego, Ca 92121
Topic: Overlooked causes of depression
Dr. Kamran Jahangiri, DC DACNB ... See more

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Post-concussion syndrome is a diagnosis that can be overcome. Despite the lowest lows and toughest days, better days do come. Dreams can be pursued and your life can be reclaimed.
Share with us your ... See more

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Never: A Caregiver's Story of TBI | Family Caregiver Alliance

There is life after TBI.
by caregiver, Olga Sowchuk

The word 'never,' by definition, means in no way, not again, at no time, in no case. Never. Its a word that those of you who are brain injury survivors or caregivers of a brain injured loved one, ... See more

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TBI One Love

Silence is golden!


Regenerated brain cells may be just a matter of silence!

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A year ago, family, friends, and supporters joined us in celebrating Beyond Concussion's first year as a nonprofit. This year we decided to use our second anniversary as a moment to contemplate how ... See more

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We often try to explain the fatigue and can’t find the right words. This post can help people understand and get a sense of how difficult it is for a person with a brain injury to complete daily ... See more

My brain is injured. (If this is news to you, it happened on April 16th, 2018. A horse dumped me on my head.) Recovery has been a challenging process. I’ve been through therapies and have ... See more

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Expand Your Happiness - Hacks to Outsmart Your Stress

To our followers in London:

Experience more happiness with hacks from practical neuroscience and cutting-edge brain tools to outsmart your stress and live happier.

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