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Brain Trauma Support & Resources

1 week ago
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Dr. Teri Lawton: Neuroscience Behind Retraining Brain Pathways To Improve Attention, Memory, and Reading after a TBI.

When you suffer a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), it slows down your ... See more

1 week ago

Can a student with a concussion/traumatic brain injury (TBI) qualify for special education services?

In the late sixties and early seventies, awareness grew for children with disabilities and their ... See more

2 weeks ago
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Blue mind is the meditative state we often find ourselves in around water. Being around the ocean has a huge effect on the human brain, one that we know is beneficial, though do not completely ... See more

2 weeks ago
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Love yourself. Love the world. There is no power stronger than love. Deepak Chopra Loving yourself is an important part of living a happy and successful life. You are ... See more

3 weeks ago

Neurologically healthy person:
"Oh, I know, my memory is aweful too."
"Oh, well I have that."
"We all get tired and overwhelmed."

Concussion ... See more

3 weeks ago
Breathing with Upper Chest: Causes and Effects

The difference between thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing and its effect on health and wellbeing. #chronicillness #postconcussionsyndrome

Thoracic or upper chest breathing vs. diaphragmatic breathing: tests, causes, and effects

4 weeks ago
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Anxiety and stress can be a huge burden on life. There are some tips and tricks we learned from ADAA. https://adaa.org/tips
* Take a time-out. Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, ... See more

1 month ago
What Parents Need to Know about Special Education Rights

Children who suffer from prolonged concussion symptoms often deal with learning challenges. Every school is required to identify and evaluate students suspected of having a ... See more

This post was authored by Marion M. Walsh, Esq., a partner with Littman Krooks LLP, which has offices in White Plains and New York City. She has worked in education law for over 20 years and leads ... See more

1 month ago
Welcome to SSA Best | SSA Best

This tool helps you find out if you could get benefits that Social Security administers. (This is not an application for benefits.)

BEST helps you find out if you could get benefits that Social Security administers. Based on your answers to questions, this tool will list benefits for which you might be eligible and tell you more ... See more

1 month ago
Understanding Supplemental Security Income (SSI)-- SSI Eligibility

What is Supplemental Security Income?
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues (not Social Security taxes):
- It is designed to help ... See more

This page provides information on who is eligible for SSI benefits.

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