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Brain Trauma Support & Resources

Alternative Therapy

Optimistic about beginning therapy with Dr. Brown at the SoCal Brain Center!

Stronger Together

You heard from our kids on the last two posts and here is our story of the journey through concussion. We are two friends connected through concussions our kids suffered. We each have our own yet very similar story. Ariana's mom is on the right, Ethan's mom is on the left. ER, urgent care, doctor…
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Everything Changed

Ariana: On September 28, 2016 I thought it was a regular day just like no other. I went to school then to cheerleading practice. I was the base in my stunt group so I held another girl up over my head. During practice her foot slipped and she fell on my head. My mind went…
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Invisible Pain

Don't be afraid to speak up, going through a concussion is very difficult and sometimes it can help to express how you feel, you are welcome to come to us. Your pain is not invisible, but rather something others don't understand, don't be afraid to explain. Your successes and struggles shape you, don't let the…
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