Hello! I’m Ariana Khayamian. I had a concussion in September 2016, and now am living with post concussion syndrome. I am a high school student in San Diego who enjoys learning about human biology, competing on swim team, and spending time with friends. But the thing I enjoy most, is helping others go through the same thing that I am going through. Being brutally honest, life is hard. Most of my problems now are with eye movements and concentration. It is difficult for me to finish many tasks and find the strength to keep looking for new treatments and finding ones that work for me. Before I thought that no one understood how I felt, and I lost all hope. That is when I decided that we needed a safe place for people suffering from any type of traumatic brain injury to express how they feel, talk to others who understand, and receive advice for different treatments and therapies. This is now Beyond Concussion.

Ariana Khayamian, Co-Founder