What We Do

What We Do

Concussion Awareness

We are here to bring awareness to the serious effects of post concussion syndrome, and to aid people in overcoming their concussions. We aim to provide concussion patients, their family, and caregivers with relevant resources encompassing all aspects of the journey to healing. Our vision is to be a single point of contact for resources concerning concussion injuries.

Support Group meetings

Join us, Beyond Concussion, in connecting those lives who have been touched by concussions. We understand the struggle in living life with post-concussion syndrome and are reaching out to help and listen to those suffering. We aim to support, educate, and raise awareness for concussions. In joining us, you will be offered a safe place to talk and expand your circle of support.

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Give back to the community

Please call or send us a message if you would like to help raise concussion awareness. You can make a difference! 858-707-5991 or info@beyondconcussion.org

Want to help or have questions? (858) 707-5991