Who We Are

I suffered a concussion in 2013 and continue to live with prolonged post concussion syndrome. Ask me any questions about post-concussion syndrome. I hope I can help you with your journey. Brain Injury will always be part of my life, but it will not rule my life!

With Beyond Concussion I strive to increase concussion awareness and provide a gateway to relevant concussion resources to aid anyone on their concussion journey.

Ethan Allsop, Co-Founder

Miriam Allsop is co-founder of Beyond Concussion. Prior to starting the nonprofit with Peggy, Miriam's desire to help others led her to volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and raise money for the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation. Now, with Beyond Concussion, this desire became her goal. Having experienced many of the obstacles one encounters as a parent of a student with post-concussion syndrome, Miriam works to reduce the amount of concussions through prevention and education, offers information on an array of treatments and therapies to treat a concussion, and provides support and resources to young patients and their families when concussion symptoms become persistent.

Miriam Ravesloot Allsop, Co-Founder

I'm a mother of two beautiful children who mean everything to me. Passionate about helping and caring for people, I strive to offer information and empowerment, so that everyone can look back on their accomplishments with pride and a deeper sense of their own true power and wisdom. In the course of our own family dealing with my daughter’s concussion I have found peace and relaxation in helping others in similar situations and raising awareness. I am delighted to have put together this support group for all families touched by the invisible pain.

Peggy Khayamian, Co-Founder

Hello! I’m Ariana Khayamian. I had a concussion in September 2016, and now am living with post concussion syndrome. I am a high school student in San Diego who enjoys learning about human biology, competing on swim team, and spending time with friends. But the thing I enjoy most, is helping others go through the same thing that I am going through. Being brutally honest, life is hard. Most of my problems now are with eye movements and concentration. It is difficult for me to finish many tasks and find the strength to keep looking for new treatments and finding ones that work for me. Before I thought that no one understood how I felt, and I lost all hope. That is when I decided that we needed a safe place for people suffering from any type of traumatic brain injury to express how they feel, talk to others who understand, and receive advice for different treatments and therapies. This is now Beyond Concussion.

Ariana Khayamian, Co-Founder