Beyond Concussion invited concussion specialist to present monthly talks. Below is our 2019 schedule.
Our passion is to empower concussion and brain injury survivors with vital resources to conquer the concussion journey and to connect them with others to create a community of shared experiences and support.

Each workshop relates to the theme of the month.

Our workshop meeting is held at San Diego Chiropractic Neurology in  Sorrento Valley.
5230 Carrol Canyon Road, Ste #108
San Diego, CA 92121
7 pm to 8 pm.

Beyond Concussion Workshop Schedule

January 10th
Brain Games
Speaker: Tracy Teregis

February 7th (date moved due to Valentines Day)
Speaker: Kelly McCarthy (Healthy Within)

March 14th
Micro-Current Neurofeedback
Speaker: Leilani Songer

April 11th 
Neuropsychological Evaluation of Concussion: Patient Expectations and Data-Based Reality
Speaker:Dr. Mark McDonough

May 9th 
Communicating with doctors and Benefits of Breathing
Speaker: Dr. Lisa Black

June 13th 
Essential Oils
Speaker: Danielle Daniel

July 11th
Craniopathy care and its Role in Post Concussion Care
Speaker:Dr. Rachel Hamel

Aug 8th 
Teens and Concussions
Speaker: Ariana Khayamian

September 12th 
How Vision Resides In The Brain, and how Vision Therapy can re-establish cognitive and functional abilities.
Speaker: Dr. Carl Hillier

October 10th 
Nutrition and Post-Concussion Syndrome
Speaker: Lael Lloyd

November 14th 
Topic TBA
Speaker: Dr. Kamran Jahangiri - San Diego Chiropractic Neurology

December 12th 
Topic:  The Causes of Dizziness after Concussion and Strategies to Fix It
Speaker: Dr. Steven Albinder, San Diego Chiropractice Neurology

We look forward to a resource-filled year! Should you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know.