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Beyond Concussion: Providing Support & Resources for Concussed Kids, Teens, and Adults.

We are here to support the concussion community. It is exciting to watch the increase in concussion awareness in the last few years, yet we know there is still much to do. Many post-concussion patients tell stories of unmet needs, doctors who don't seem to understand, family and friends who might lose patience, misconceptions & assumptions about your health condition, lack of support from teachers and schools, ..., the list is endless.
We want to change this by starting to meet your need for understanding. Your voice is our strength.

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Post-concussion syndrome is a complex disorder with many symptoms which last for weeks, months, or years. It is an invisible injury which often makes finding medical and emotional support difficult. Only those living with post-concussion syndrome completely understand how it feels.

If you are in need of resources after suffering a concussion or are living with post-concussion syndrome and need help navigating the journey to healing, please call Beyond Concussion at 858-707-5991 or email info@beyondconcussion.org.