Beyond Concussion

Providing Peer Support & Vital Resources tothe Post-Concussion Syndrome Community

Peer Support Group

Beyond Concussion holds monthly support group meetings where people experiencing similar challenges come together to create a community of shared knowledge, encouragement, and support.

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Caregiver Connection

The Beyond Concussion Caregiver Connection offers support for caregivers by caregivers in a group setting.

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Educational Workshop

Beyond Concussion hosts a monthly educational talk covering many aspects of concussion care. Talks are presented by concussion specialists, brain injury advocates and survivors.

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Treatment Options

Your doctor diagnosed a concussion. Now what? If you are looking for more information about treatment options then you came to the right place.

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About Us

Over a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, Peggy approached Miriam with the idea of creating a resource and support center for acquired brain injuries. Both moms have a child who suffered a brain injury, and both moms relied on each other for support.

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