Beyond Concussion

Empowering Recovery: Peer Support and Resources for Post-Concussion Heroes

Peer Support Group

At Beyond Concussion, we host monthly support group gatherings, fostering a community where individuals facing similar challenges unite to share knowledge, uplift one another, and find strength in solidarity.

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Caregiver Connection

The Beyond Concussion Caregiver Connection provides a supportive group environment where caregivers receive support from fellow caregivers, creating a nurturing space for shared experiences and mutual assistance.

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Educational Workshop

At Beyond Concussion, we organize monthly educational sessions addressing various facets of concussion care. These talks are facilitated by experts in the field, including concussion specialists, brain injury advocates, and courageous survivors.

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Treatment Options

If you've recently been diagnosed with a concussion and are unsure of your next steps, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find valuable information on treatment options to guide you through your recovery journey.

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About Us

In a cozy coffee shop setting, Peggy approached Miriam with a transformative idea: to establish a resource and support center for acquired brain injuries. United by their shared experiences as mothers of children who have faced brain injuries, they leaned on each other for unwavering support.

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