Ida’s Story


I could have given up when the doctors told me, they didn’t believe, that I could come 100% back to life again after my second concussion in 2011- but I didn’t, I would show them that I could and today I’m 100 back!

I could have given up cause of the struggle and pain I had in 3 1/2 years – but I didn’t, it was not easy but worth it. I could have giving up when I had no home after me and my boyfriend in 5 years broke up – but I didn’t, I found a beautiful home and was happy and thankful.

I could have giving up, when the doctors told me I would never be able to run again – but I didn’t, it took some time and training in small steps, but now I can run again like the good old days at the Police Academy. Today I had a 10 kilometers run in the forest – can’t remember last time I did that.

But most importantly, on this run all these thoughts came up, and it gave me energy that I never had experienced before. The run felt easy, when I was comparing it to all the other things that I had gone through without giving up! In 2014 I was 100% fresh again and after that – my life purpose has been to help (you) people through their concussion and nothing makes more sense to me than that!

Since my biggest help in my recovery was of the food ? I have also written a couple of cookbooks to give you inspiration and knowledge about brainfood and soon will come an online brainfood program. Remember struggle, pain and hard times is not here to hurt you – but to serve you in the end ❤

I believe in you and please don’t give up!
With love, Ida

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